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About Us

Acme Precision Products LTD


We formed our Company in 1986 and its main field of supply was the full range of Hydraulic and Pneumatic fittings. After over 30 years in the business of delivering products to our customers around North America, we have attuned our abilities. Since then we have grown, developed and gained experience to become a key manufacturer of parts, as well as increased and expanded our capabilities.

We specialize in turned parts using CNC machinery, we supply Construction, automotive, electronics and scientific endeavour and fields to meet our customers’ needs and demands.

With over 6,500 sq. ft. of space located in a manufacturing hub just North or Toronto, within shouting distance of Major Highways, we have become a convenient source for our client’s transportation and delivery needs to be met on a well-defined timeline.

Our facility will allow us to customize and design with our clients so that they are getting products that meet their ever changing needs. This includes: Industrial components, custom fittings and fasteners as well as consumer friendly products with high finished quality in most if not all metal material and plastics.